Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Estate Planning for Seniors

The most basic estate planning begins with a will. Wills in West Virginia can take several forms. If your will is not properly drafted in one of those forms, it will be considered invalid and, upon your death, you will be considered to have died intestate, meaning without a will.

Saving your family from a major fall-out by executing a simple, well thought-out will could be your greatest legacy. You may think a trust is something only used for large estates. There are many different types of trusts that serve multiple purposes, and there may be one that is a vital planning tool for you.

Some people may require a more complex will, prepared for you by a trusts and estates attorney. A complex will may be more appropriate if:

- Your assets are valuable enough that estate taxes will apply.

- You wish to establish a special needs trust for a child with a disability.

- You want to set up a trust so that your children receive a certain sum of money at a particular age.

- You have a previous spouse and/or children from a previous relationship.

- You own a business.

Good Grief Law will look at your unique circumstances and help guide you to a plan that is perfect for you.  If you’re looking for estate planning for seniors in Charleston, call us for a free phone consultation.

Senior Relocation Advocates

When the time comes to down-size into a smaller house, retirement community, or an assisted living facility, the task can be overwhelming. Many people have a life-time of belongings and clutter stored up in a family home.

Good Grief Law can help you navigate through the process of clearing out your house, finding a reliable moving company that caters to seniors, and working with real estate agents who truly have your best interest at heart. If you are considering an assisted living facility, we can help you vet potential prospects.

Call us for a free phone consultation to speak with a senior relocation advocate in Charleston.